Original Content is Back!
By Dana Byerly

Raceday 360 has a hardcore loyal audience. This audience will probably remember that for a time in 2009 there was original content here at Raceday 360. From the first-hand backstretch reports during the Triple Crown to keeping tabs on various news items, Raceday 360 provided a unique perspective on racing.

In keeping with the founder Jessica Chapel’s original idea for the site, we’re going to slowly dip our toes back into the waters of original content… emphasis on slowly! In part we’re rolling it now as we have a timely piece that will capitalize on segues with the premiere of the Secretariat movie, an interview with Secretariat’s jockey, Ron Turcotte!

“Two Minutes With” will be a series of brief video interviews… our first three are by the uber-fabulous Ernie Munick, who tends the gardens of Facebook with Thoroughbred Racing in New York. He’s also been rockin’ your Breeders’ Cup world over at Breeders’ Cup 360 with his video series The E Train.

What can you expect in the future? To be honest we’re not entirely sure, but our focus will likely be on video, photo essays and what we hope will be thoughtful commentary and/or reporting. And if we’re lucky, maybe we can even get Blinkers Off and Jessica to make guest appearances every now and again!

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