Updated Site, New Datasets
By Dana Byerly

We’re happy to announce that we’ve given Horse Racing Datasets a much needed update! Now you can easily browse datasets by category or data type.

Screenshot of Horse Racing Datasets site

In early 2015 we started with 10 datasets, we’re currently at 54. We initially labeled datasets with one or more data types to facilitate quick assessment. Initially we used the data types of Breeding, Injury, Payouts, Racing and Sales and we’ve since added Handle, Pools and Wagering. Each dataset has at least one data type.

As we’ve added datasets categories have also emerged, so we’ve added that as another way to quickly find datasets of interest. The current categories are Breeders’ Cup, Del Mar, International, Juveniles, Kentucky Derby, Saratoga, Triple Crown, New and Featured. Featured datasets will also appear on the homepage. Categories are similar to data types in that they’re a way to find data, but unlike data types, not every dataset has a category.

In addition to using the sidebar navigation, you can use the data type chicklets or the category hashtags to navigate to the respective listing page. You can also link to the dataset with the icon/text combo (e.g., the Google Drive icon and Google label pictured above).

Other additions include an improved way to submit a dataset and a static listing page for those who don’t have JavaScript enabled or that prefer a simplified listing. We have a few little things to clean up here and there, but we hope you’ll find the updates useful.

New Datasets!
Like last year, we’ve added a few new Saratoga datasets to help you get ready for the meet. We’ve also added a new Del Mar dataset. You can find them all in the New section!

For Saratoga we have two datasets on Trainers: Trainers off a break and trainers juvenile first time starters. We also have 2018 field size favorites and odds by course and distance for both Saratoga and Del Mar. We’re anticipating adding Jessica Chapel’s 2019 juvenile tracker once it becomes available, the 2015-2018 versions are available at the site.

We also have two new features lined up for this site, one for Saratoga and one for Del Mar. Each will launch after the first week of the respective meet.

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